Anne Z Jaffery



Distributors, Agents and Catholic Marriages
One of the cardinal rules of selecting an agent or distributor in UAE has always been to exercise caution, take your time and do your due diligence, and remember that a registered agency agreement is a lot like a Catholic marriage, very difficult to get out of....


Exporting to the Middle East is a Lot Like Fishing
I love analogies. It’s just how my brain works and when I am working with US companies who are entering new markets in Dubai, the UAE, or neighboring countries, I find it’s easier to explain with analogies they are familiar with. I even heard one of my own unique analogie...


6 Universal Truths of Arab Health
Arab Health is always a very busy trade show for us. The Kallman US Pavilion gets larger and larger each year and as they grow, our services to US SME’s stay in step. It’s exciting and it’s exhausting. Over the years, I have come to some universal truths regarding Arab He...

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