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Market Entry Success

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Who we are
Call us trade training wheels; we have the knowledge, experience, and regional network to assist you with your Middle East export goals - guiding companies every day to successfully enter and navigate the challenging Arab Gulf markets.
What we do
We help you identify and pursue business opportunities in UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi), Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia sharing our knowledge of the legal, operational, financial, practical, and cultural considerations for success.
Why hire us
Channels' guidance is based on first-hand experience, not on the norm of purely theoretical knowledge. We’ve been in the market nearly 30 years starting and running businesses across the region. We’ve a proven track record, long list of satisfied clients, and accolades from key government strategic partners.

What We Offer

Regional Knowledge and Know-how


The Arab Gulf markets are not right for everyone. Before you make a decision to invest any money, let us help you critically analyze the depth of opportunity. Once that is established, Channels will work with you to determine the softest market entry point for your company and the steps for getting started.
Instead of paying exorbitant lawyer/accountant fees, or struggling to sort it out yourself over long distance and multiple time zones, let us first present the business formation options best suited to your business, and then do the licensing and setup on your behalf. A physical presence in the country is a major factor to revenue generation.
10 hours or 40 hours a month, Channels will represent your business development interests in the region; opening doors, attending events, hosting seminars, and general BD.
Channels is the proud Arab Gulf trade representative office for Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Colorado working with small to medium size enterprise to enter the markets successfully.


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Service providing information, setting meetings, advising and managing my schedule was top of the line and exceeded my expectations. Very special thanks to Channels MEA team for providing the best help and assistance possible and making it all so much easier.

Arunas Vanagas
Frondita Biogroup, Inc.
The Channels organization were very effective both before and during the conference. I was greatly impressed with the booth, the people, their expertise, and their willingness to make sure my trip was successful.

Dr. Piero Policicchio
Air Force Inc.
Overall Channels services are superb – very well organized and managed, with excellent communications and follow up. Our firm has used this type of service before, and I can say Channels performance was head and shoulders above the others.

Dennis Dench
Lessard Design
Principal of Business Development
I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you, again, for all your hard work at the Hotel Show. You guys had limited time to pull this together and you really overdelivered. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Channels —even still, you exceeded my expectations. The companies were blown away with your efforts and really felt most of their meetings were beneficial—some will definitely lead to partnerships.

Liz Isley
Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina
Program Director & Partner Relations Manager, Global Business Services
I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did with setting our appointments. This is truly turning out to be a fruitful venture. I greatly appreciate and respect the work that you do.

Gregory Bandelin
Lion’s Wood Banquet Furniture
Chief Executive Officer
Channels is the best in the biz!

Brian Castleberry
Office of International Investment and Trade
Regional Manager - Middle East, Africa, & Canada
I continue to be grateful for your quick responses and your ability to verify so quickly the information that will help us make a good decision. Again- what a great service you provide!

Kathy Groll
International Sales Manager
I enjoyed working with the Channels team, they were effective in coordinating the meetings and took it upon themselves to make sure the meetings occur as expected. Some of the prospects were exactly the right type of customers, and some were further-reaching prospects. Overall, it was a valuable experience and met my expectations.

Ting Shih
CEO & Founder
Thanks for the great work (at Arab Health 2017)! Our Maryland companies: Clickmedix and GetReal were very happy and had a great show. Kudos!

Brian Castleberry
Maryland Department of Commerce
Regional Manager - Middle East, Africa & Canada
We got a better understanding of the automotive after-market in the GCC region. Meeting with key players helped us to understand what business opportunities we have in this region. We are very pleased with the service of Channels and will recommend you to our business associates and friends.

Sven Richter
Northern Labs, Inc. (Formula 1 Auto Care Products)
International Sales Manager

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Arab Gulf

Facts & Figures


countries in the Arab Gulf
Year UAE is US' single largest export market in the ME
Cell phones per capita in Kuwait
Million US dollar exports to Arab Gulf in 2015
Number of islands that make up the country of Bahrain
Number of states exporting to UAE
US firms operating in UAE
conversion rate of USD$ to UAE Dirham
Americans residing in UAE
Number of daily nonstop flights between US and UAE
UAE Minister of Happiness
Percentage of UAE female cabinet ministers
Number of years Oman has had official relationship with US
UAE female fighter pilots
Minutes it’s taken to dig up these facts

Blog Posts

From Our Subject Matter Expert




Dark at the Roots
A few weeks ago, I was speaking at a global trade event in Michigan. The room was full of people from companies interested in learning about the opportunities for doing business in UAE and the broader region....


Distributors, Agents and Catholic Marriages
One of the cardinal rules of selecting an agent or distributor in UAE has always been to exercise caution, take your time and do your due diligence, and remember that a registered agency agreement is a lot like a Catholic marriage, very difficult to get out of....


Exporting to the Middle East is a Lot Like Fishing
I love analogies. It’s just how my brain works and when I am working with US companies who are entering new markets in Dubai, the UAE, or neighboring countries, I find it’s easier to explain with analogies they are familiar with. I even heard one of my own unique analogie...


Pivot, Adjust, Swing: Falling Oil Prices & the UAE Economy
It’s the summer of 2014 and the barrel price of oil is roughly $100. Within a year, the price drops to half that, teetering at $50 per barrel. As of this morning, the new low is $28.94. In a region where economic health hinges on oil prices, how is the low price, not just...

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  • Education
  • Healthcare
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  • Food/Food Security
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